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HKWJ-4 Underground Diesel Scooptram

HKWJ-4(6 yard) Underground Diesel Scooptram
1.DEUTZ engine
2.DANA transmission case and torque converter
3.Kessler axles.

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  • HUNK
HKWJ-4 Underground Diesel Scooptram Technical Data:
Main Dimensions(Transport)

Length                               9,363 mm
Width                                2,740 mm
Height                               1,790 mm
Cab Height                            2,372 mm
Max. Discharging Height                 2,050 mm
Max. Discharging Angle                  42º
Bucket Capacity(SAE Heaped)            4 m3
Net Weight                                  25,300 kg
Loading Weight                              9,500 kg
Front Axle Loading Weight(Unladen)            11,800 kg
Rear Axle Loading Weight(Unladen)             13,500 kg
Front Axle Loading Weight(Fully Loaded)         26,595 kg
Rear Axle Loading Weight(Fully Loaded)          8,205 kg
Driving Speed
Fully Loaded,Forward/Reverse,Level Road
First Gear                                   4.0 km/h
Second Gear                                 8.3 km/h
Third Gear                                  15.4 km/h
Forth Gear                                  25.0 km/h
Max. gradeability                             25%
Max. Tractive Force                           217 kN
Manufacturer                         KHD (Deutz)
Model                               F10L413FW
Feature                              Two stage combustion air cooled diesel engine
Power                               170 kW/2300 rpm
Max.Torque                           806 Nm/2300 rpm
Air intake System                      Dry air filter
Exhaust System                        Exhaust conditioner silencer and purifier
Starting Motor                         6.6 kw/24 V
Three Phase Generator                   28 V/55 A
Driving System
Torque Converter
Manufacturer                            Dana
Model                                  Series 8000
Design                      Single stage industrial type, auxiliary drive hydraulic system
Transmission Case
Manufacturer                             Dana
Model                                  Series 32000
Design                                 Power shift,4 forward gears,4 reverse gears
Drive Axle
Front Axle
Manufacturer                                 Kessler
Model                                D102
Design                                      No Spin
Rear Axle
Manufacturer                                 Kessler
Model                                D102
Design                                      Posi-Torq
Oscillation Angle                                ±10 ˚
Front Wheel
Rim Size                               13.00-25/2.5
Tire Size                               18.00-25
Tire Charging Pressure                    6.0±0.1 bar
Rear Wheel
Rim Size                               13.00-25/2.5
Tire Size                               18.00-25XMine
Tire Charging Pressure                    3.5±0.1 bar
Braking System                  Liquid work / parking brake system, with lift handle
Working Brake                  Multi- disc external cooling, fully-hydraulic operation
Braking pressure                           110150 bar
Parking brake/Emergency Brake      SAHR; Four wheel safety brake
Parking Capacity                    Safety braking on 25% slope of load
Design                        Hydraulic power steering (steering wheel)
Swing Angle                         ±40˚
Max. Steering Radius:            6650±250 mm
Min.Steering Radius             3345±250 mm
Hydraulic System
Working Hydraulic System
Hydraulic pump flow                          83.6+20.9 cm3/U
System Pressure                              230 bar
Lifting Cylinder Qty.                            2
Lifting Cylinder Size(Bore*Rod Diameter*Stroke)    150×75×710
Tilting Cylinder Qty.                            1
Tilting Cylinder Size(Bore*Rod Diameter*Stroke)    180×90×1210
Lifting Arm lifting time                          5.9 Seconds
Bucket lifting time                              5.5 Seconds
Steering Hydraulic System
Pump Flow                               83.6+20.9 cm3/U
System Pressure                           175 bar
Steering Cylinder Qty.                          2
Steering Cylinder Size(Bore*Rod Diameter*Stroke)  110×65×400
Electrical System
Voltage                                  24V
Battery                                  2×12V/155 Ah
Lighting System
Front/Rear Light  Each 2                   75/70 W-H4
Additional light,each 1    70 W
Tank Volume
Fuel Tank                                300 L
Hydraulic Oil Tank                         350 L
Engine and oil filter                        31.5 L
Torque converter/Transmission Case           36 L
Front Axle Differential                      44 L
Front Axle Planet                           2×6 L
Rear Axle Differential                       44 L
Rear Axle Planet                           2×6 L

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